Learn With Space Coders

Space Coders is an engaging and educational learn-to-code platform for schools designed especially for kids aged 3-8 years old to inspire computational thinking that is FREE-to-download with teacher support. Fun, interactive and narrative-driven Game Play builds skills across 60 levels in 6 modules.

Available for IOS and Android

Teach With Space Coders

Developed by educators for educators, Space Coders is a FREE platform for teachers to create coding classes for young learners, with an 8-hour, step-by-step, multi-language Professional Development Course with on-screen-presenter teacher tutorials; supporting

Teacher Resources including a Video Tuition Professional Development Course, plus Unplugged Activities

Customize Classes With Space Coders

Teachers can create their own game maps to develop kids’ skills and freely share with other teachers within the Space Coders Community via the Creator Studio. Customized questions

With Space Coders Creator Studio, teachers become part of a community sharing content and promoting increasingly vital skills, whilst meeting parent expectations of a modern curriculum.

Download for Mac and Windows

Edutech AR Learning

The cast of colorful Space Coders characters are brought to life with an interactive, 3D AR (Augmented Reality) mode during online play; adding a visually engaging extra level of interest amongst students between the ages of 3-8.  

Space Coders Story

Be Part of Galaxy Portal

With a beta-launch in November 2018, Space Coders is creating a local, regional and global community of like-minded teachers and schools; those who value experiential learning and schools; those who value experiential learning and the importance of early coding education within an ever-increasing digital world. Teachers can share content, expanding their resources, and fulfill parent expectations that schools are forward-thinking and teach their children relevant life skills.

Space Coders is FREE to Use for Schools Launched in Southeast Asia NOW..with Global Rollout in 2019 Are You a Teacher or School Head within the Region? Download Space Coders for FREE

Space Coders is the first app to be released within the Robot Galaxy Kids Portal (RGKP) with a beta-launch to schools in Southeast Asia in November 2018. An education platform, Robot Galaxy Kids Portal focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and language learning for kids ages 3-8.

EdtechX Asia Startup Award

The Institute
for the Promotion of Teaching
Science and Technology (IPST)